Every piece is unique


Batik is a procedure to dye textiles. It originates in Indonesia. The word Mbatik is from the Javanese language and means “to write with wax”.The Batik procedure consists of a handmade stamp that is used to press and imprint liquid wax on textiles/sarongs, so the textile underneath is covered in wax and therefore protected. When the fabric is colored afterwards in a dye bath, these areas will not get dyed, so the original color remains. Each and every single sarong is stamped manually and is therefore a unique piece.

In 2009 UNESCO put Indonesian Batik on the representative list of the intangible cultural heritage of humanity.

LINDA HERING seeks and chooses the local helpers, patterns and colors for her towels and sarongs herself on-site in Bali. This is the only way to ensure the highest quality of standards. The artists that use the Batik technique work in a highly focused manner. They usually learned their trade from their families, passed on from generation to generation. Linda has become very fond of these people over the past years. A connection has grown out of this collaboration, the modern age going hand in hand with tradition. Together they manufacture unique pieces for the whole world almost every day.


Print von LINDA HERING Flower of Life pattern